First rejection!

I got my first rejection today! They're an inevitable part of the process. There are so many submissions now that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep the gatekeepers happy. They've heard it all before.
Anyway, I figure I'll try something new. I've added a "Free Audio" Page to allow downloads of all of the music that Audio Jungle doesn't want. They're registered on a website called Adrev, that keeps track of audio used on YouTube, and funnels a little bit of advertising revenue your way when it's used in videos. It's really just pennies, but they add up - to nickels eventually. With time.

Anyway, my "Rising and Falling Logo" was the first to get the axe, and is now available for download on the Free Audio page. Anyone need a logo?

Violin and Harp Ident

A short clip for branding purposes that uses violin, harp, a synth pad, and a pizzicato bass stinger. Both major and minor versions for a little versatility. I submitted this one on Thursday, 6/20/2019.


First of the week

I'm running a little behind my goal of 5 submissions a week due to losing a lot of time to downloads - either new virtual instruments or backups of a hard drive that crashed. I've got some longer songs in the pipeline, but feel I'm going to need to crank out some short loops & logos to get more stuff submitted so I can catch up. Anyway, here's the first one of this week.

This is a short, techno loop I did with two contrasting sections - the first is a driving, busy, techno section with arpeggiated & gated synths, and the second is one that features a little derpy lead synth against a bass riff for a little comic relief. It makes a perfect 32 second loop.

Dark Heroic Fanfare Logo

This is a fanfare I wrote and recorded for logo purposes. It uses symphonic bass, snare drum, french horns, trombones, trumpets, and tuba in a fanfare that builds and crescendos to a low sustained note. It's dark, dramatic, and intense.


Rising and Falling Logo

A short rising and falling theme song for identification or logo purposes. Busy without being rushed, and a mixture of acoustic & electronic with a moving, gated, rhythmic vibe.

Week One Setback

I suffered my first setback of the summer yesterday when my external hard drive containing all of my audio files died. My wife picked up a new (and much larger) model, and my backups are being transferred as I type. My library of cymbal crashes are on there, and I've got gaping holes in some of my tracks where they belong. I've got plenty on the synth and software synths, but they just aren't the same.

I still intend to submit some files by the end of the week. I'd love to stick with the five submissions a week goal that has worked out in the past. A few short logos mixed in with more substantial recordings that take longer, and I may just hit that magic number of 200 published items that has been evading me for so long.

And so it begins again....

June 8th, and the summer officially begins for me again. Here's how it starts out for me….


This book has been sitting on the shelf half-finished for a year or so. Time to finish digesting it and put it to work. I figure I can alternate between reading and writing/recording music. Now that I'm so much less busy, I can get busy. (So much sassier with italics.)

April Update

It turns out that I somehow managed to check off all of the goals that I set for myself last summer. I guess that means it's time for some new goals.

Here's what I managed to check off since the summer:

Have an item make 50 sales
Make $150 sales in 1 month
Reach 400 Sales
Reach the 52% sales level on AJ

And for the record….
My "Harp Dream Sequence" has 52 sales since I posted it.
I've actually had 1,201 sales as of this date. A good bit better than that goal of 400.
My sales level is up to 66%.

I'll have to do some thinking about the next set of goals. So here are some parameters.

My goals should have more to do with how much music I write and record, rather than how many sales I make. I can't predict or do anything specific about sales - only the stuff I produce to sell.

I'd really like to focus on adding to the catalog. Right now I have 195 recordings online. That's agonizingly close to 200.

It would also be fun to break into some new categories that I've never submitted recordings for. There's something fun about trying something out of my comfort zone.


Spring Update

Just a short note to mark a milestone: I've had one of my songs get 50 sales. Nothing very fancy about the song itself - it's just a simple recording of a whole tone scale on a harp that I did for anybody needing a little audio to cue a "dream sequence". But it's sold 50 times, so "thanks" to all the dreamers out there.

Scorecard update

I just got an email saying AJ accepted my "Surreptitious Symphony" for sale. I figure I'll own that search term. It brings my total count up to 195 recordings for sale online. Five to go to hit my goal for the summer.