Drunken Robot

 I haven't been super faithful with posting this summer - mostly due to laziness, I guess.  So here's a link to a demo of a new one I just put up for submission called "Drunken Robot."


In all honesty, I'll be pleasantly surprised if this one gets accepted for sale.  If it does, I know for a fact that I will OWN the "drunken robot" search term.  (FYI, I have already checked.) Someday, somewhere, someone is going to need a little theme song to go along with a robot on a bender.  Someone had to write and record it....why not me?  BTW, the robot gets sick at 1:23 (yes...that is what a robot sounds like when he throws up) and is singing along in an annoying way at 1:44.

I know, Beethoven would have been ashamed of me.  Mozart would have gotten a kick out of it, though.  Then he would have gone off and written a better one.


New Podcast Theme

This is just a short little theme for podcast/broadcast use. I'm a fan of the "bwoopy" sound of the udu.


Corporate Tech Loop

A corporate tech loop featuring a bright tempo and a combination of hip hop and rock elements. Instruments include hip hop drums, plucky synth sounds, electric guitar, and bass in a song that forms a perfect 32 second loop. This quick fusion of hip hop and rock is busy and edgy, with a drive and a beat that keeps things moving. Uploaded for approval today.


Classic Rock Instrumental

An instrumental rock song inspired by the first or last instrumental tracks that used to be included on vinyl albums produced in the late 70s and early 80s. An 82 BPM groove using electric guitar, organ, clavichord, drums, and synthesizers. Driving and progressive, with a consistent returning theme to pull it together. Submitted to Audio Jungle today.


Winds and Lute Loop

Another offering in the medieval/celtic category - The Winds and Lute Loop. This is a 1:07 loop of a song in the medieval/renaissance/celtic style featuring recorder, english horn, lute, cello, and hand percussion. It's a dance in 6/8 time in a mode rather than a scale, but fluctuation between major and minor to modern ears. I was looking to write a little video game tavern background music. Submitted to Audio Jungle today.


Simple Waltz

This is a simple, relaxing, and tranquil waltz in 60 seconds. It's in ABA form with a little more motion in the B section for variety. Exactly 60 seconds without feeling rushed or too busy. Just added it to the queue today.


Strings & Horn Horror Ident

Seven seconds with the audio tail, this ident features a short descending violin passage against plodding viola, cello, and bass notes. A horn crescendo and a final pizzicato pluck brings it to a finish. The descending arpeggiated chromatics and tension in the other instruments creates an unsettling and strained feeling for an ident or branding for horror or suspense projects. Submitted today.

Tropical Popo

This is a little tropical pop song that a recorded to give you the idea of a tropical vacation inside of a minute. (Actually a minute and five seconds if you include the audio tail.) Submitted to AJ today, although in 5 different versions (looped vs. non-looped, and also with shorter lengths.)


Relaxing Woodwind Quartet

A calm, relaxing woodwind quartet featuring oboe, flute, clarinet, and bassoon. This serene little piece in the classical style is designed to underscore anything that needs a little refined, tranquil, and restful background music.
Just uploaded it for (hopeful) approval today.


7 Second Violin Ident

A quick, merry and pleasant ident featuring solo violin, warm strings, a light pad, and a stinger using stringed bass and a glockenspiel. Classy, charming, and happy. Submitted it today.