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Short rising & falling logo using vibes, perc. bass & synth - 15 secs
A Dark fanfare before battle using low strings & brass - 28 secs with an audio tail
A quirky 32 second loop using gated synths and bass with percussion.
A 30 second children's theme featuring Ukelele, xylophone & bass
A soft, relaxing, and tranquil woodwind quartet.
A light pop loop with a tropical feel.
A 7 second horror branding clip with strings & horns.
A corporate tech loop combination of hip hop and rock elements. 32 second loop.
Inspired by the last instrumental tracks on vinyl albums produced in the late 70s and early 80s.
A song created only with paper. A Challenge from my students at BWMS.
2020 Mads
2020 Mads
2020 Mads
A short podcast theme
Civil War Tune Reimagined
A Plodding Waltz
Fusion Rondo