I've fallen a little bit behind in posting because I've taken up 3d editing, and am knee-deep in a course to learn Blender. I have managed to get another song finished and published on Audio Jungle, though. This one is called "From Despair to Hope."

This is a short, emotional piece designed to bridge the gap from despair to hope. Twenty seconds of despair transitioning into 40 seconds of hope. This would be a great underscore for any dialogue providing a solution to a problem or helping people find light at the end of the tunnel. I had palliative care or mental health in mind while writing this one.

The song is in the style of a classical string quartet, although I add piano and a very light pad for warmth in the last 40 seconds. The total time is 1:02, but the audio tale can easily be faded out quicker to fall within 60 seconds.

Renaissance Dance Tune Accepted

The Renaissance Dance Tune below was accepted and published for sale on Audio Jungle today. That's two in a row and brings my published total up to 204.

In the works are an electronic thing currently called "Buzzcut," and a Reggae song that is already in its 4th revision. Not sure that one will ever see publication, but I can't stop myself. When it's feeling swampy outside, it just comes out.

Renaissance Dance Tune

This is a fast tempo, rollicking dance tune from the Renaissance that uses recorder, lute, dulcimer, violin (viol), hand drums, and tambourine.

It is in a minor key, but very happy and uptempo. It's in 6/8 time, and could easily be used as an instrumental sea chantey. The original song that it is taken from is about the prophet Jonah from the Bible, although there are no vocals in this arrangement.

Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

Learning Mode

Although I have a few projects in the works, some of my current projects will never see the light of day. I have a few projects in Logic that set up only as playground sandboxes for learning some of the new software synthesizers that I have that I haven't taken beyond preset sounds.

Getting under the hood and going beyond the presets isn't always necessary. When a synth comes with 10,000 sounds built into it, there's usually not much need to tweak things to find something you need. But understanding how all the dials, bells, whisltes, graphs and routings work can really help dial in some unique sounds. So playing in the sandbox may not be immediatlely productive, it's a lot of fun.,

And who knows? Maybe it will lead to that elusive best seller that draws a crowd.

Synths in particular that I'm experimenting with? Cyborg from East/West, and Apple's Logic Synthesizers: Sculpture, ES2, and EFM. Any one of those will keep my learning for a month.

Upbeat and Chill Acceptance

Just a quick update that my last upload was accepted, and is now up for sale on AudioJungle. I'm super impressed - I have never had a new file reviewed and accepted in a single day. The quick turnaround is more from added reviewers than any particular excellence on my part. That brings the total up to 203 published songs.

Upbeat and Chill Ambient Cinematic

To name it is to describe it: this is an upbeat and chill ambient cinematic song for corporate use in presentations and videos. It uses both orchestral instruments and synthesizers with light percussion. Submitted to Audio Jungle on Aug. 5, 2021.

Not a whole lot of compression in this one. I'm personally getting tired of overly-compressed tracks screaming at me constantly. I thought it might be nice if listeners didn't automatically have to reach for the volume to turn it down for a change.

Photo by ARYA KRISDYANTARA on Unsplash was chosen because I just installed a new showerhead. I would LIVE in the shower if I could. It's the place where I feel the most chill.

Castle Garden Rejected

No luck with this one. I got an Audio Jungle genereic rejection on the July 18th. On the bright side, I heard back from them much faster than I have in the past, even if the answere was a "no thanks." Not my first, and won't be my last. Back to the piano....

Castle Garden

I'm long overdue on posting, but since I have more free time on my hands recently, it's time to get back to business.

This started out as a Quartet in D, then had full orchestral strings added along with piano and glockenspiel, so I went with calling it "Castle Garden" in the end because it has that meandering through the palace grounds sort of feel to it.  Also, my daughter informs me that the glockenspiel and harp definitely give it that 'fairy princess' vibe.  A bit emasculating, really, but I'm sure she means well.

The description listed online is as follows...

A relaxing, but upbeat orchestral song I imagined as a soundtrack for wandering around and enjoying a beautiful classical garden. It uses both orchestral and solo stringed instruments, harp, piano, and glockenspiel. Solo instruments include the violin, viola, cello, and harp.

I also included "pastoral" as one of the key words, even though no one in the world will every search for a song using that term.  But it IS pastoral - and I would use it as a search term.